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A Modular Approach Learning the World Wide Web
A Modular Approach to Teaching/Learning the World Wide Web. – (Added: 12.03.2002 )

BBC – Web Wise
BBC – Web Wise – tutorial Internet – (Added: 24.02.2003 )

Beginner’s Central
On online tutorial offering step by step instruction to the new Internet surfer. Broken down into chapters, Beginner’s Central is perfect for the first time internet user. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Berkeley Library
Berkeley Library – tutorial for all aspects of using Internet. – (Added: 06.01.2014 )

CNET Help.com
Find thousands of tips and how-to for you to browse and search, more than 250,000 technology questions and answers to help you with your hardware, software, gadgets, and games. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Helping you with all your computer related questions; complete information on all hardware and software, free online help. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Cookie Crusher
Download the trial version or buy online the Cookie Crusher, Internet cookie manager, which works gives you complete control over the cookies which are accepted by and stored on your system – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Cource in web
Many people use the NCSA Beginner’s Guide to HTML as a starting point to understanding the hypertext markup language (HTML) used on the World Wide Web. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Cyber Training
NewbieNET is a top 5% of the Web site offering access to the best information available for new users to learn basic Internet skills. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The largest and most comprehensive online marketplace for IT services and support, providing businesses with an end-to-end exchange for finding, purchasing, delivering, and billing service and support agreements. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Epiphany provided materials and workshops for over 40 institutions across the United States. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

ExpertCity.com http://www.citrix.com/
Computer problem? Get online computer help at Expertcity.com for all your PC support questions. Addresses the needs of individuals and enterprises. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Exploring the WWW
Introducing the Web. Internet tutorials for beginners. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Finding Information on the Internet
An excellent guide to searching the Web. – (Added: 18.07.2002 )

Freeskills.com is an educational resource that offers over 35,000 pages of content in over 215 professionally developed training courses to the Internet community free from any charge or user registration. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )

Help Web
(Added: 18.02.2014 )

A Guide to the World Wide Web. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )

Interlinks http://www.navisite.com/
Internet Navigator and Resource Locator. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )

Internet guides, Tutorials and Training Information. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )

Internet for Construction
Internet for Construction – A new Virtual Training suite tutorial. – (Added: 23.11.2002 )

Internet Learner’s Page http://www.mansfield.edu/
Tutorial Internet. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )

Internet Learning Resources
(Added: 10.07.2014 )

Internet Orientation Course
Richard Gordon suggests websites for students taking his Internet Orientation course. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Internet Roadmap Course
Free, 27 lesson Internet training workshop designed to teach new «Net travelers» how to travel around the rapidly expanding «Information Superhighway» without getting lost. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Internet Tutorials University at Albany Libraries
Library.albany.edu – Internet Tutorials.Using and Searching Internet. – (Added: 10.01.2014 )

Internett Literacy
Different Lessons about Internet. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The most complete Internet Relay Chat help site, with nearly 800 helpful files including FAQs, primers, technical guides, downloadable clients and scripts, server lists and maps, and more. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

KB Learning Center
Students can choose from a variety of classes and course curriculum with skills ranging from basic introduction to computers to high end PC maintenance, networking and Internet Webmasters classes. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Learthenet – About.com
About.com Learthenet searching. – (Added: 12.03.2014 )

Multimedia on the Web
From the University of Albany Libraries, audio collections, many with a researh focus. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )

Providing technical support services to PC users worldwide using the latest diagnostic and repair tools to fix problems quickly. Including basic free services. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Search Tools page
Links to key web searching advice like Search Engine Watch, Web Search and Search Engine Showdow – (Added: 11.11.2014 )

Technology Training for Teachers
Site designed to help educate teachers about technology. Includes lessons, quizzes, and related resources. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

The Internet Guide
Canadian online training programme offered in six monthly subscriptions. Levels from beginner to advanced. Courses include «Mastering Web Searching» and «Current Awareness Services». – (Added: 11.11.2002 )

Virtual Training Suite
A set of online tutorials designed to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet information literacy and IT skills. – (Added: 19.10.2002 )

The most comprehensive collection of «how-to» , services, and tutorials on the Web. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

WebTeacher – An online tutorial. – (Added: 24.02.2003 )


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